The Story of Tir-Na-nOg

Gaelic meaning "The Land of Forever Young"
A long time ago before Man spread across the Earth, there was "Tir Na nOg"
a Mystical Place inhabited by Fairies, Leprechauns, and all Creatures of Magic.
Those who lived there were always Happy, Peaceful, Balanced and in tune with their existence, free of the worldly stress - thereby remaining Forever Young!
As Man began to intrude and influence their land - their boarders began to shrink. So "Tir Na nOg" in defense faded into the mists, no longer of this world, making it harder to share in their magic. Yet not to be so forgotten by the world and to ease their conscience  -  "Tir na nOg" sent out through the mists - carried on the back of the wind their most majestic of agents who..................
               Had  the movements of a deer...
               The loyalty of the dog...
               A pride worthy of the lion...
               Sent to aid Man by God...
                                                                     He was... "The Horse of Tir-Na-nOg" 


Tir-Na-nOg Equestrians
Carrie Capuchino-Senzamici

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