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• At Tir-Na-Nog we strive for safe, organic and as natural an outdoor living environment as possible for our horses here, so they are happier, calmer  and therefore provide a more relaxed and pleasurable ride for their owners.  

Mares, Geldings, Oldies & Ponies are separated into friendly Herds out in green pastures with run-thru shelters for shade & weather protection, temperature controlled automatic waterer and slow feed Hay Boxes to insure that their natural need for "continuous grazing" is provided year round. Horses are also fed high quality grain to balance their diets according to their needs and workload.  

• Each horse is also assigned their own private 12 x 12  Self-Care Stall for your horses use in inclement weather or for the odd day when their just feeling under-the-weather and rather stay indoors. If you can't get to it - a stall cleaning service can be provided for you at a fee.

Our Stalls are built on Equi-grids which provides a constant leveled floor with excellent drainage and covered with fluffy straw bedding, each stall has its own interior water faucet, electric sockets, heated water bucket, fan, feed trough, slow feeder hay bag and a large lockable tack trunk just outside your stall door for your grooming convenience. 

•A Tack Room is also available for hanging your saddles, bridles, bits & pieces. 

• 140 x 160 grass arena with jumps, night lights & viewing gazebo .

• 60 x 60  outdoor training arena.

*60x60 In-door Training Arena when not in Lesson use.

• Just under 1 mile trail of shaded tree lined exercise path around the property ladened with honeysuckle, flowers, berries and beginner cross country jumps for your hopping pleasure.

• Also were just a Short ride over to Petersburg State Wildlife trails.

Or only a 1/2 hr trailer ride to many State Parks and Beach rides.

• Farrier, Veterinarian & Chiropractor accommodations


Boarding - Includes all above @ $450.00 a month.

Stall cleaning & re-bedding can be provided @ $5.00 per service.

Parking space for your Horse Trailer is available @ $25 a month.



Tir-Na-nOg Equestrians
Carrie Capuchino-Senzamici
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