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About the Owner 

Carrie Senzamici


England - English Equitation & Eventing


New York - English Equitation & Hunters


Germany/Austria/ Spain/France - Dressage & Jumpers

1998 – Present 

New Jersey/Delaware - Owner, Instructor, Trainer of

“Tir Na nOg" Equestrian Stables


At Tir-Na-Nog we are a Pleasure Barn, not a Show Barn. Not that we don't compete in shows, we do! But mostly for the Pleasure of Horse and Rider. We believe at Tir-Na-Nog that developing a True Partnership is of the utmost Pleasure and the only "True Judge" of how well your riding is sitting beneath you! A true partnership is based on equal respect - not one member of the team dominates. Therefore we train and seek to know the whole horse, for the more we understand them - the better we can communicate our desires to move as One.


Our lessons are based on English equitation, dressage, natural riding techniques and learning the ability to understand Horse Language. Proper balance at all times with our Partner Horse is emphasized to build a strong and safe seat for equitation, jumping, trail riding or just playing tag with your friends! 

Children are taught to become focused, responsible, fair, emotionally controlled, firm yet gentle leaders through their working partnership with the horse. 


The Horses at Tir-Na-Nog are all treated with indivdualized respect, loving care and kept as close to their natural habitat as possible to reduce the stress on their systems (Meaning loads of time spent with their carefully selected herd grazing, romping & frolicking in the fields!) Our Lesson ponies/horses are also only worked a few times a week so as to not become sour.



Tir-Na-nOg Equestrians
Carrie Capuchino-Senzamici
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