We believe its best to Lease Before taking on the responsibility of buying your first horse. It's best to take the time to find out what type of personality & disposition suits you best, how often will you ride or will they just be a pet? Some horses will require your loving attention a few times a week, some once a week and others "You can drop the treats and go, thank-you!" Are you willing and can you afford to make a long term commitment? If not, then be practical and just lease (share) a horse or pony for half the cost. 

We have a few Tir-Na-nOg Horses & Ponies to lease on a month to month basis. Our Horses are all very happy, loved and respected for their individual personalities and capabilities.



$200.00 a Month for a Horse or Pony, use of all their tack, all the facilities, with riding priviledges permitted to 3 full days per week.




Tir-Na-nOg Equestrians
Carrie Capuchino-Senzamici